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The Chef

Gëzim Musliaka was born in Tirana in 1962. He is educated in polytechnic school with a diploma in mechanical engineering in 1987. Together with his education he has always had a passion for painting which he still manages to practice every day. He has concluded in two main exhibitions in 2005 in national center of culture in Tirana and in 2007 in the national art gallery in Tirana.
Careful reader, realist painter, curious, music and sport lover have made Gezim to explore the world from the most beautiful countries in Albania, through Europe, Asia and so on. His interest for the beauty of the nature, architecture, music, visual arts will be naturally attached culinary. In his reflections to visual and art communication there is a very important trait that goes through the restaurant – a warm atmosphere and environment that reflect culture and makes you go through new dimensions of the soul.

2006 is the year which changes everything in the life of the Gëzim as he decides to drop out everything and move into the vilalge to start to build Marchesi from scratch.
He owns his culinary education to Gualtiero Marchesi, (hence the name of our restaurant) in ALMA Academia di Cucina in Parma and the various cooking books from the chefs all the around the world. Getting to know through real life and through books with the philosophy and practice of many well-known figures makes chef Gëzim to express himself freely in the kitchen and create a style of his own.
2012 is the year when gourmet restaurant Marchesi is born. A place which soon become very dear to Albanian elite of people of business, art, music, diplomats and politicians.
Chef Gezim communicates with each of the clients and is present in television.
2014 -2015 Gezim becomes part as one of the judges for two seasons of the well-known tv show Masterchef Albania.
2015 The chef together with the president of the foundation of biodiversity mr Piero Sardo and the Ministry of Agriculture becomes one of the founder of the Slow food Albania Alliance. Still active in Albania, the alliance is a very important development which promotes culture, and the products and cooking recipes that are in danger of disappearing.
2016 part of Terra Madre Balkans, showing traditional recipes in history and transformation.
March 2016 Chef Gezim and gourmet restaurant Marchesi is chosen by French embassy to host Gout de France, international event celebrating international French cuisine day together with french chef Stephan Paroche.
2017 Chef Gezim is represents Slow Food Chef Alliance Albania in international meeting Delice in Louisiana, Switzerland.
2017 international meeting of Slow Food Balkan in Marchesi restaurant where delegates from Balkan got together to discuss the programs of development of our countries in culinary.
22.11.2017 part of Italian celebration week in Tirana organized by Italian Embassy.
2017 Chef Gezim presents to Albania through tv shows and forums 2 traditional very important recipes that where thought distinguished – pekmez and narden, now part of Slow Food archive of taste.
2017 gourmet restaurant Marchesi becomes part of the tourist visitors as a very focal point to visit in Albania to understand culinary and tradition.
19-22 September 2018 The representative of Albania in Terra Madre, Salone del Gusto 2018 in Turin, Italy.
Organized by Slow Food, the Region of Piedmont and the City of Turin, Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is an international gastronomy exhibition that takes places every two years in Turin, bringing together food producers and artisans from across the world.
22 November 2018 – Guest of honour by Slovak embassy in Bratislava.
The representative of traditional Albanian cuisine in front of diplomatic court in collaboration with the school of cuisine in Bratislava.
January 2019 – Part of the jury of the new televise format in the national Albanian radio television TVSH – “Gjyshet milionere”,  a Tv show that evaluates the true value of the Albanian grandmother’s dishes.
January –  March 2020 – Chef Mentor of the 2nd edition of  “Gjyshet Milionere 2” in 10 episodes.